Wendy M. Cole 

Contemporary Paintings in Oils and Acrylics


"Few rules dictate the form and substance of my paintings, which are more about vibrant color than detail.

 It is the complexity and variation of color, dictated by the nature and effects of light and shade, that I commit   to mind and try to convey on canvas. These are essentially simple compositions, which discard anything that might  interfere with pure, natural vision, but at the same time capture a moment of transient beauty, almost as a haphazard camera shot.

Form and line cease to be absolutes and large blocks of bright color and wide strips of light, by palette knife or brush to evoke a very personal experience of how the palette changes according to time of day and season.

So as the colors of the seasons change, I too as an artist am evolving.

To paint is to feed my soul."


Current Representations